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 Hello everyone,

 Well, here it is, March 31st, 2016 and I just finished making maps of all the places in the world that Monster Hobbies has shipped to since 2010.

These maps are placed on pink Styrofoam and I have pushed pins into the locations where my customers had me ship a package to. (so they either live there or someone they know does)

It is interesting to see how many of my customers live in the United States and Europe, and how many come from Canada. I don't have too many in Australia and South America yet. The one pin in... Mexico should be located in Mexico City, but I didn't have it on the maps I printed. If I get more customers in Mexico, I will print a separate map for that country.

It is interesting to see how Monster Hobbies is known world-wide!

Thank you everyone around the world for shopping here!

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