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Welcome to the Monster Hobbies shopping help section.

Here you will find out how to operate the Secure Pay system that Monster Hobbies utilizes throughout the web site.

You can also discover how we take care of you and your item(s) throughout the shipping process.

If you are a registered Monster Hobbies member, we can refund your 10% discount via Secure Pay right back to your Credit Card!

Click on any of the Red Questions below to learn more about our features!


1.) What is Secure Pay?

2.) How Do You Ship My Item?

3.) How Do I Use My Membership Discount and Register?



What Is "Secure-Pay"? 


Worried about Hackers and Internet Sales Fraud?

Protect your investment!

We can process your Visa or Mastercard using our new Secure-Pay buttons!

It's as easy as Pay-Pal, but far more secure!

 How Does it work?

Secure-Pay is fast, simple and direct.

After clicking on the "Add to Cart" button for an item you desire, you will be redirected to a shopping cart page. There, you can choose to continue browsing the Monster Hobbies web site for other products to ad to your cart, or you can purchase the items in your cart.

If you wish to buy several different products at one time, simply add them to your shopping cart and purchace them in your final order.

You can also choose the amount of items you want.

When you click the "Checkout" button, you will be sent directly to a checkout page where the Secure-Pay system will ask for your Name, Address, and Credit Card information. Simply "Continue" through the rest of the process and we will ship your item to you ASAP.

Look for the Secure-Pay buttons throughout our website.

It's the same system Sears and Best-Buy trust. 



Monster Hobbies is proud to ship it’s products using the safest methods possible.

All the products you buy from Monster Hobbies are shipped Via Canada Post without exception!

When you order from us, we ship using Expedited Post. This allows us to safely and securely send your item to you from our location in Canada to anywhere in the world. By using Expedited Post, we receive a tracking number for your item so that we, the retailer, and you, the customer, can both follow the package from it’s point of origin, Monster Hobbies, to it’s final destination point, your house, via Canada Post’s web site.

Shipping prices were roughly calculated through our Secure Pay buttons at a flat rate. These rates were designed for packages inside of Canada and we may request additional funds to ship to destinations outside of Canada, such as The United States, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, etc. These additions in prices may include the weight of the items ordered, the size of the box they are sent in, and the distance they may travel. Please note that this may not always apply to every situation. In some situations, we may have to reimburse part of your shipping costs back to you.

Any necessary additions to the shipping prices can be paid using our “Donations” button in the “About Us” section or by contacting the store via E-mail or a phone call.

We will contact you Via E-mail through every point of the shipping process to let you know when we have shipped the package, what the tracking number is, and what the difference is in shipping costs, if any. If the shipping is too high, we will refund the un-needed money back to your Credit Card.

It's our promise and our guarantee.

Click here to see our world maps!Trevor Ursulescu

President of Monster Hobbies


Membership Has It’s Privileges!

Monster Hobbies has discovered the way to honor your in-store membership discount of 10% off all items via the Secure-Pay buttons.

Simply purchase your items through our Secure-Pay method and then contact us Via E-Mail and list the items you purchased, the date and your Monster Hobbies membership number.

If everything matches our Secure-Pay sales notification message and our in-store Point Of Sale Customer Database then we will then refund your discount by returning the unused portion directly to your Credit Card ASAP.

Want a Monster Hobbies membership or forgot your Membership number?

Simply “Contact Us” via our E-mail and provide your First and Last Name, Full Mailing Address, City, State or Province, Zip Code and Country and of course, your E-Mail. You can also include up to three of your favorite Hobby types as well.

Example :

Monster Hobbies

P.O.Box 5758

High River, Alberta, Canada

T1V 1B3

[email protected]

Hobby Type : Monster Models, CD’s and T-Shirts

We will then assign you a special customer number that will enable you to receive 10% off and an exclusive invite to special promotions and sales and the latest news!

Hope to see you in the Members Section!


Trevor Ursulescu

Monster Hobbies President

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